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The project „Tinca and Zsadany Twinned in EU” took place between 4-6 of September in Zsadany, Hungary.

In the project, there were 86 participants from Zsadany (Hungary), 86 participants from Tinca (Romania), and 10 from Oradea,on the behalf of the Association of Intercultural Communities, having a total of 182 participants.

During the 3 days project, participants discussed matters relating to the European Union, the Union’s history and its effects, about the importance of voting in the European Union, and the direct implication of citizens in Europe’s future.

There were also presented the projects implemented in Zsadany, sport activities were organized, there were discussion of ideas and good practices regarding development projects.

On Friday, the following events took place:

- Press conference, where the organizers together with the partners presented the project and its activities to the local media

- Presentation of the project to the participants

- Lecture about the history and the importance of the European Union, presented by a specialist, the activity having around 200 participants

- Open discussion about the previous lecture with the participants

- Sport activities, which included: football, volleyball, basketball, foot tennis

The activities on Saturday were:

- Lecture about the importance of voting in the European Union

- Open discussion after the lecture with the participants

- Lecture about volunteering and its importance

- Project proposals on local administration level of Zsadany and Tinca

- Sport activities

On Sunday the following activities took place:

- Presentation of local projects

- Open discussion about the theme

- Visiting the local projects by a little train

- Ending ceremony of the project

The project was built around six main activities: three lectures, two activities on good practices and sport activities.

During the project three lectures took place:

1. Lecture on the European Union’s history and its importance; in this lecture the guest speaker reviewed the main events that led to the European Union we know today, the speaker also talked about the three pillars of the Union. The conclusion of this lecture was that we can assist in the development of the EU, and that every decision made by this entity makes history.

  1. Another lecture took place with the title „The importance of voting in the European Union” . The purpose of this lecture was to raise awarenedd among participants from the twinned municipalities on the importance of voting on the European Parliament elections. During the lecture, the guest presented a brief history oof the European Parliament, followed by establishing some definitions regarding the institution, its structure and way of functioning. The presentation emphasized the opportunities offered by the European Union and the European Parliament. The conclusion of the presentation was that anyone can be involved in the decisions of the Union and in the creating of sufficient resources for development and construction of each country, also anyone can send petitions, they can visit the European Parliament, anyone can do an internship there etc.
  2. Another lecture was held during the project with the title “Volunteering and its importance”. Within the lecture, the concept of volunteering was presented, its characteristics and types, followed by the presenting of some opportunities of volunteering in the EU.
  3. Presentation of good practices; in this activity, the mayor of Zsadany, Arpad Dudas, presented several successful projects that could be taken as good practice by other localities, like its twinned town, Tinca, but also by private companies. These include:

- “Plans of the road construction Tinca – Zsadany” this is a cross border project, conducted with the twinned town, Tinca, and through this project, they managed to create the necessary documentation for asphalting the roads of the two communities.

- “Development of social infrastructure by building a new social canteen” through this project a canteen could be constructed and arranged which can benefit the children of the local schools.

- Also the successful activity of the company Zsadany Malom’97 SRL was presented, which has as a main activity the growth and exploitation of cattle, which in 2013 obtained grants of 2,5 million Euros from the European Union

  1. Visit some of the projects funded by the EU. In this activity, a “train” was rented which took the participants to twelve projects in the community and its surroundings implemented with European funding.
  2. Sport activities; ever night on all 3 days of the project, young people of the meeting between the two communities of Tinca and Zsadany and the participants from the Association of Intercultural Communities have played together football, handball, basketball, and foot tennis.

Opportunities for volunteering in the EU:

- The most famous volunteering program of the European Union is the EVS (European Voluntary Service), which is dedicated to young people aged 18-30

- National volunteering programs in each country

- Grundtvig program dedicated to senior volunteers, which is conducted between organizations located in two countries, participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme

- The opportunities offered by Erasmus+ 2014-2020

The project had the following objectives:

- Raising awareness on the importance of voting in the European Parliament’s elections, among

participants from the twinned towns Tinca and Zsadany.

- Informing the participants of the two twinned communities, about the concept of volunteering

- Strengthening institutional and human ties between citizens of the two twinned communities

The project can be considered a success because it has achieved its objectives by the number of people who were directly or indirectly involved in the project, managing to spread the informations of the project on a large scale, also the participants learned more about the European Union and its importance, about the importance of voting and about volunteering, taking part meanwhile in an intercultural learning process. Moreover the project has created an ideal context for the exchange of experiences and good practices among the participants regarding EU funded projects.

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